About us

Antero Nilo is a 3D graphic visualization studio, founded by Jarmo Mäkiniemi, located in Stockholm, Sweden, that specializes in envisaging projects to inspire interest in order to attract investments.

For Antero Nilo, 3D tools are just a means to an end, but it’s the artist’s creativity behind that makes a difference and helps induce excitement. The images must be narrative, create a distinctive feeling and offer something to catch the viewer’s attention and interest..

Spectre of experiences

After more than 20 years of experience of producing high-quality images for architects, construction companies and property managers, both in Sweden and internationally, Antero Nilo is well positioned to fuel your visionary ideas. Projects have included apartments, offices and public spaces.

With an acute sense of different materials, an understanding of light and colours, and good knowledge of design, trends and manufacturers, Antero Nilo can offer eye-catching images that stand out and support your vision.

Inspiration by Scandinavia

Drawing inspiration from Stockholm’s lively art scene as well as the proximity to nature and the vast archipelago, Antero Nilo creates a distinctively unique cosmopolitan, yet recognizably Scandinavian feeling.

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Antero Nilo